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EDIFY | September 25, 2018

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Patron LED Wall Light

Patron LED Wall Light
Catalog Number Operation Volts LED Housing Finish Lamp Type Accesories(order separately)
PLACBZ AC only 6 8-3W Dark Bronze 700 Lumen Output PLHTR Patron Heater Kit

WG4 Wire Guard

BAC Buy American Compliant

PLACEMBZ EM only Dark Bronze 500 Lumen Output
PLEMBZ AC/EM Dark Bronze 700/500 Lumen Output


codes and standards

• ETL Listed to UL924 Standard

• ETL Listed to UL1598 for wet locations

• NFPA 70 (National Electric Code)

• NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code)

• “ARRA” Buy American Compliant (when –BAC suffix is specified)

• ADA Compliant

• LM-79 Compliant

• LM-80 Compliant


• Marine grade die cast aluminum housing with miro reflector to provide excellent photometrics. UV Stable polycarbonate lens and neoprene gasket to protect from moisture and rain.

• Polyester powder coat for superior protection. Choice of white or dark bronze. Consult factory for custom finishes.


• Universal J-box pattern on back or rigid conduit entry on top of housing for mounting flexibility


• The charger system includes low voltage disconnect to prevent deep discharge of battery. AC lockout to prevent battery drain prior to the energizing of utility power, and brownout protection which will automatically switch unit into emergency mode if the utility power sags below 80% of nominal. Solidstate, fully automatic charging circuit is protected

with a moisture resistant coating. All units are provided with Self-Test/Self Diagnostics.

• 120/277VAC dual voltage input, selectable input.

• Patron LED available in AC only, Emergency only, and AC with integral ni-cad battery operation may be switched on or off to operate as a mini wall light providing 740 lumens in AC mode. AC with integral ni-cad battery and emergency only will provide 500 lumens in emergency mode.

• self-diagnostic/self-test  This feature provides automatic testing and continuous monitoring of the unit and indicates any faults via a dual-color LED lamp. The low-profile test button with easily visible status indicator is located beneath the lens. This innovative circuitry monitors battery disconnection, charger failure, lamp failure and transformer fault every 5 seconds withoutdischarging the battery or illuminating the lamps. It will automatically indicate lamp, battery, and charger

status by dual-color LED lamp.

The LED lamp indicator shows the following status:

• Green – ON: Unit is ready.

• Blinking: Unit is self-testing.

• Red – Service Alert (see fault indications)

Fault Indications: (Red LED lamp indicator)

• One blink ON/pause 4 seconds: Battery not


• Two blinks ON/pause 4 seconds: Battery is shorted or battery voltage drops below the accepted value.

• Three blinks ON/pause 4 seconds: Charger board circuit fault.

• Four blinks ON/pause 4 seconds: Transformer fault.

• Five blinks ON/pause 4 seconds: Lamp fault.

The unit will automatically initiate a self-test as follows:

• One minute self-test each month.

• 30 minute self-test on the 6th month following installation.

• 90 minute self-test on the 12th month following installation.

Manual testing of the unit can be accomplished by

pressing the test button as follows:

• Once – 1 minute test

• Twice – 5 minute test

• Three – 30 minute test

• Four – 90 minute test


• 8-3W LED lamps provide 700 lumens in the AC mode and provide 500 initial lumens in the emergency mode. Color temperature is 4500K and provides over 50,000 hours of life in normal usage.


• AC with integral ni-cad battery and emergency units contain a 6V maintenance free sealed nickel cadmium battery with an expected service life of 8-12 years and an operating temperature of -4°F (20°C) to 122°F (50°C). Units with a battery provide a minimum of 90 minutes emergency illumination. Units with a heater will operate in temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C).


• Five full year warranty on units