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EDIFY | September 25, 2018

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5” Lytening LED

1076L Features

1. Reflector: Hydroformed aluminum, .032" thick, (20 ga.); Powder coated, non-yellowing, scratch resistant with gloss white finish and gloss white trim flange.

2. Step baffle: molded high heat plastic with stepped conical surface for low brightness, matte black or gloss white finish.

3. Frame-in kit: (1004ICLED standard frame shown). Other frames listed above and shown on the right. See frame-in kit specification sheets for more details.

4. Optical mixing chamber

5. Power supply: Factory wired electronic LED driver (see Electrical section for specifications) Enclosed in a .032" thick (21 ga.) painted steel housing.

6. LED board: Utilizes Philips Lumileds LED’s.

7. Lens: Acrylic frosted finish.

8. Reflector spring: stainess steel.

1004ICLED Features

1. Housing: .032 (#20 ga.) aluminum. UL listed IC. 2" vertical adjustment in ceiling. Can be removed for access to junction box and ceiling plenum. AirSeal® housing minimizes air leakage to less than 2 CFM at 1.57 PSF (or 75pa), which complies with Model Energy Code (Section 602.3.3) and Washington State Energy Code (Section 502.4) and reduces heat loss and condensation in ceiling.

2. Mounting Frame: .048 (#18 ga.) galvanized steel. Locks into position along length of mounting bars with locking spring and bendable slot. (3) slots 90° apart simplify alignment.

3. Junction Box: 2"X 4" X 3 1/2" (22 cu. in.) .032 (#22 ga.) galvanized steel. UL listed for maximum 6 (#12 ga.) 1004IC/N 90°C through branch circuit conductors. Cable clamp permit attachment of non-metallic (#12 or #14 ga.) Romex® cable without tools or additional connectors.

4. Mounting Bars: .059 (#16 ga.) galvanized steel. Bars pivot for easy attachment and wire-in below ceiling line. Bars extend to accommodate 16" to 24" O.C. joist spacing. The 1004ICLED features integral self-tapping philips screws for secure attachment to wood or metal construction. The 1004ICNLED features integral nails for secure attachment to wood. Both attach to T-bar ceilings without the need of accessories.

5. LED Quick Connect with Ground Connection: quickly connects power from the frame-in kit to the LED trim with integral driver.

6. Trim with Integral LED Driver

1004ICLED | Trim compatibility for fram-in-kits

LED Frame-n Kits

Anodized reflectors
















White baffle LED Trim

1076WHL27K 2700k, 650lm, 120v dimming
1076WHL30K 3000k, 650lm, 120v dimming
1076WHL35K 3500k, 650lm, 120v dimming