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EDIFY | September 25, 2018

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5” Xceed LED Square


1. Housing: .026" (#23ga.) galvanized steel. UL listed for direct contact with thermal insulation. AirSeal housing minimizes air leakage to less than 2 CFM at 1.57 PSF (or 75Pa), which complies with Title 24, the In­ternational Energy Conservation Code, and Washington State Energy Code (Section 502.4). This reduces heat loss and conden­sation in ceiling. Access door for inspection of junction box.

2. Lower frame and top cover: .026” (#23 ga.) galvanized steel. Accommodates ceilings up to 1-1/2′ thick. 3/8" deep integral lip with four notches at 90 degrees apart to simplify alignment. Locks into position along length of mounting bars with locking screws. Indicator lines on housing top and sides to simplify alignment.

3. Junction box: 2.5′ x 5-3/8′ x 2′ (27 cu. in) .032” (#21 ga.) galvanized steel. UL listed 90°C supply conductors. Rated for branch circuit wiring supplying connected lumi­naires (daisy chaining).

3. Retaining clips: Permit easy and fast instal­lation of light engine.

4. Mounting bars: .059 (#16 ga.) galvanized steel. Bars pivot for easy attachment and wire-in below ceiling line. Bars extend to accommodate 16° to 24" D.C. joist spac­ing. Bars can accommodate 12" D.C. Joist spacing after a slight fieldmodification (see Instruction Sheet). Features integral self tapping phillips/square drive SCREWS for secure attachment to wood or metal con­struction. Also available with integral NAILS. Attaches to T-bar ceilings without the need of accessories. Bars installed on shortest dimension of frame, but can be easily repo­sitioned 90° from original position.

Xceed LED 5″ Square Lensed


Lumens / Dimming


Lytecaster Xceed LED 5″, Square Frame-In kit for New construction 0609D2

600lm & 900lm (nominal) / 277v dimming

- Prest screws

N Preset nails


600lm (nominal) / 120v dimming


900lm (nominal) / 120v dimming




Lytecaster Xceed LED 5″, Square Light Engine for New construction 06

600lm (nominal)*

27 – 2700K

30 – 3000K*

35 – 3500K


900lm (nominal)



Finish / Flange

Lytecaster Xceed LED 5″, Square Trim for New construction DL

Lensed Downlight


White baffle finish / White flange


Clear diffuse finish / White flange


Lensed slope/wall washer


Clear diffuse finish / Clear diffuse flange


White cone finish / White flange