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EDIFY | September 25, 2018

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6 3/4” Uniframe LED


1. Mounting frame: .036" (#20ga.) Galvanized Steel. Accommodates all ceilings up to 1-1/2” thick.

2. Trim clips: “Push in/twist out” stainless steel clips hold reflector flush to ceiling.

3. Junction box: 2" x 4" x 3-1/2" (22cu. in.) .032" (#22ga.) galvanized steel. UL Listed for maximum of 8 (#12ga.) through branch circuit conductors.

4. Uniframe mounting system – grid ceiling: Tool free mounting in grid ceilings. .036" (20ga.) Galvanized Steel interlocking slide bars adjust to 24-1/8" long accommodat­ing 24" O.C. Ceiling Grid. Adjustable speed clamps for positive attachment to grid ceiling systems.

5. Uniframe mounting system – wood joist ceiling: Integral nailing tabs, alignment guides, fastener holes and bendable strapping guides for wood joist installation. Galvanized Steel interlocking slide bars adjust from 12-15/16" to 24-1/8" long to accommodate 16" and 24" O.C. joist spacing, with or without strapping.

6. Reflector: See individual specification sheets for information.

7. Optical mixing chamber: Designed to pro­vide a spacing ratio of .9 (60° beam) when installed in standard Lytecaster trims. Optic design provides less glare than standard PAR lamps.

8. Lens: Solite Glass lens has high transmis­sion value with slight texturing to provide a smooth consistent beam distribution.

9. Led board: Utilizes Philips Lumileds LED’s.

10.Thermal management: Proprietary heat sink was developed using the latest in Compu­tational Fluid Dynamics Software. This opti­mized thermal design provides an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours. Cast aluminum heat sink is coated with a RoHS compliant coating (trivalent chromate) to resist corro­sion in damp/wet environments.

11. Power supply/enclosure: Factory wired electronic LED driver (see Electrical section for specifications) Enclosed in a 22ga. gal­vanized steel housing.

12. Thermal protector: Meets NEC and UL requirements. Do not install insulation above or within 3" (76mm) of any part of the luminaire.

13. Top heat sink cover: Tool free snap on en­closure bracket. 22-ga component houses the driver secondary tool free wire connector.

6 3/4” Uniframe LED






Lytecaster Uniframe LED 5", Non-IC frame-in kit

900lm (nominal)

New construction

27 – 2700K
30 – 3000K
35 – 3500K

1 – 120v
2 – 277v
D1 – 120v dimmable
D2 – 277v dimmable

27 – 2700K
55 – 3500K

1EM – 120v
2EM – 277v