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EDIFY | September 25, 2018

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Retrofit Kit Uniframe LED


1. Reflector: See individual specification sheets for information.

2. Optical mixing chamber: Designed to provide a spacing ratio of .9 (60° beam) when installed in standard Lytecaster trims. Optic design provides less glare than standard PAR lamps.

3. Lens: Solite Glass lens has high transmission value with slight texturing to provide a smooth consistent beam distribution.

4. LED board: Utilizes Philips Lumileds LED’s.

5. Thermal management: Heat sink was developed using the latest in Computational Fluid Dynamics Software. This optimized thermal design provides an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours. Cast aluminum heat sink is coated with a RoHS compliant coating (trivalent chromate) to resist corrosion in damp/wet environments.

6. Mounting frame: Conversion kit can be mounted to 1102P1 and 1002P1 series rough-in sections. See individual specification sheets for information.

7. Power supply/enclosure: Factory wired electronic LED driver (see Electrical section for specifications) mounted to a 22-ga galvanized steel splice box housing.

8. Thermal protector: Utilizes already installed thermal protection device located on junction box of rough-in being converted.

9. Adaptor assembly: Male adapting screw is tool free and makes converting to Solid State Lighting as easy as changing an incandescent lamp. Clip socket bracket to existing deep drawn socket cup.

10. Top heat sink cover: Tool free snap on enclosure bracket. 22-ga component houses the driver secondary tool free wire connector.

Retrofit Kit Uniframe LED





Lytecaster LED, Retrofit kit Compatible with 5" (1002P1) and with 6 3/4" (1002P1 & 1002P1M) Non-IC frame-in-kits

900lm (nominal) Series

27 – 2700K
30 – 3000K
35 – 3500K

1 – 120v non-dimmable
D1 – 120v dimmable